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While its working, read all about what it does....One of the most often forgotten disk maintenance tasks is the Hard Drive Balancing.  Many people forget that just like a car's tire, through normal wear and tear, can get out of balance because the rubber material is unevenly distributed, the same can happen to your hard drive.  The individual bits (smalls ones and zeros) have different weights and as their weight gets unevenly distributed on the disk, this can cause the disk to be unbalanced.  This unbalance may even eventually causes hard drive wobble. 

So what's the big deal about hard drive wobble?  Well, to carry the car analogy further, when your tire is out of balance, you can feel the vibrations which can cause stress in the front end of you car and difficultly in controlling the steering.  Eventually, it can even lead to premature failure through excessive wear on your tire.  The hard drive wobble causes disk axel stress.  Be being unable to precisely control the spin and location of the drive media, data can accidentally be written to the wrong location.

Disk Axle Stress: If you spin a plate on a pole, eventually what starts out as a slight off centering becomes an unstable plate and you can loose control of what your are spinning.  Trying to keep it balanced places stress on the point of rotation.  In the case of the plate-its the pole.  In the case of the hard drive-its the hard drive axle.  This stress can cause bending or warping which makes the off balancing worse.  It can also cause excessive heat which can damage drive media.

Media Displacement:  As the drive wobble gets worse determining exactly where the drive head is relative to the media becomes more difficult.  This results in the placement of data in the wrong track on the drive, thus making the data unrecoverable.

WHAT THE HARD DRIVE BALANCER DOES.   The service this page provides is simple.  What is going on, is the heavier bits are being moved the opposite sides of the disk, balancing the load, so to speak.  This way, as the drive spins the weight of the bits are applied equally across the medium ensuring a smooth spinning drive.

Coming soon, the downloadable version of the drive balancer.  

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